What to Expect

As we connect via phone we will see what kind of session would serve us best. 

In an in-person session, we will be breathing together, while I massage and do energetic clearings. Also, we will vocalizing/toning, eye gazing and touching sensually with depth for a pleasurable journey together. Clear intentions/desires are welcomed and encouraged! If that is not clear for you, I will help you discover your yes or no. 

Video sessions are similar feeling and intention energetically, only difference is connecting through the screen :)

If you wish to learn to be a lover, then I invite you to discuss session packages with me... 


The Tantric sages tell us that our in-breath and out-breath actually mirror the divine creative gesture. With the inhalation, we draw into our own center, our own being. With the exhalation, we expand outward into the world. -Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga



This practice is crafted from my own experiences and it is intended for individuals that are new or familiar to tantric work. I am looking forward to deepening the connection as we practice together. All feelings and expressions are welcome in a session. To be clear, as for me I am equal with you, eye to eye. My intention is to facilitate what needs and desire arise and provide a way to lean into them as to the best of my abilities, including de-armoring for expanded pleasure. 

Hopefully you will add these practices that we do in your personal life to have a larger pleasure repertoire! This is courageous work, full of blessings and I am so excited to get started with you!

May I serve you as Priestess


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